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Southern Shores Community Sailing

Southern Shores Community Sailing- 2018 Season

Mission: The Mission of the Southern Shores Community Sailing Program is to fostering educational and recreational watersport opportunities for members and guests of our community.

Goals:  Our goal for the community sailing program is to promote sailing and other recreational water sports by creating the opportunity for residents and guests from our communities to learn new skills and and experience our sounds and ocean. 

SSCA is happy to announce the start of a community sailing program beginning on  Wednesday, June 2oth, 2018 with the National Summer SAILstice event to promote sailing and paddling in our community.  Hardy Peters will be helping the SSCA organize and run these events over the 2018 summer.   Hardy has been a lifelong sailor, having grown up on the water and re-discovered sailing in his mid 40’s and is now helping promote sailing through his business, East Coast Sailboats, Inc.  ‘I believe that sailing, as well as other water sports, are a life skills and that it is important for people, young and old, to experience them.’ says Peters.  ‘Look around us, there is water everywhere, we are lucky to have it all at our finger tips, let’s get some boats on it and enjoy the experience!’ He added.  Events will be held at the SS North Marina and are open to all SSCA members and guests..    

Link Button WhiteJune 20th Summer SAILstice Event. Come out and sail and celebrate Summer Solstice. National go sailing day!  This is a national event in which we can participate in from Southern Shores.  We will be out at the North Marina at the pavilion starting at 4 PM and will run until 7 PM.  Bring your own boat, your friends boat (don’t forget your friend), sail in or East Coast Sailboats will have a couple of boats there that can be used or take a ride on.  Bring your own food and beverages and don’t forget your life vest.  Call 252-489-3491 or email


-Wednesday evening sailing, Call us to let us know you are planning to come.  

– Interested in setting up a weekly paddle around Southern Shores?  Contact Hardy at via text or phone at 252-489-3491 or email at

Want to learn to sail or have a small group learn to sail, follow this link for information on Sailing Lessons

Follow this link for Sailing Camp information and booking

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