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East Coast Sailboats, Inc. is the US Distributor and dealer for multiple brands of sailboats and sailing gear.  Our goal is to maximize a sailor’s time on the water at the best possible value.  We focus our effort towards promoting the sport of sailing by working through individual recreational and racing sailors, sailing clubs, sailing schools, and our growing network of dealers across the US, Hawaii, and the Caribbean.

In addition to sales we operate a sailing school that focuses on learn to sail, intermediate and advanced mono-hull and multihull sailing. The goal of our sailing school is to provide a fun experience during which students develop sailing skills, learn seamanship and water safety.  Our step process of teaching sailing takes sailors from our learn how to sail and beyond. Our job is to create lifelong sailors.  We use the US Sailing course curriculum in ‘Learning Sailing Right’ and ‘The Little Red Book.’   We believe that sailing teaches valuable life lessons that will benefit the youth of the Outer Banks and our summer visitors. From the start, it exposes young and older sailors to the elements, fostering both an appreciation for the natural world and an understanding of how to harness it. On a more individual level, the physical and mental requirements of sailing quickly foster perseverance and self-reliance. Young and older sailors find themselves having to adapt to constantly changing environments and assessing more than one factor at once. This promotes the ability to think proactively and react quickly to unpredictable situations. It is for these reasons we believe a health and active youth and adult sailing community should be fostered here in the Outer Banks of NC. 

Our event participation focuses on growing the sport of sailing here in in our community and beyond. Our many sounds create a great place to sail for locals and visitors alike. We are focused on bringing sailors to the Outer banks by organizing two regattas – The Return of Duck Cup in June and The OBX Multihull Sail Fest. We are also promoting sailing by participating in events such as Watertribe’s Everglades Challenge and the Worrell 1000.  

East Coast Sailboats also operates as Sail OBX, a day sail and sunset cruise captained charter operation using a Maine Cat 38 sailing catamaran.  We operate out of Duck, NC on a daily basis  from May through October.  

We look forward to working with you and your sailing needs.  Smooth Sailing from the East Coast Sailboats team.  




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