Topaz 14 CX


CAT 14CX, Twin Trapeze with a large 10.00 M2 Gennaker

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The Topaz 14 CX was designed by Yves Loday and Rob White. Loday and White represent an international multi-hull team of the very highest calibre, so it is no surprise that they have produced another wonderful new catamaran together. This vessel can handle any conditions. Tested in a demanding holiday company environment by Sunsail, the Topaz 14 CX just keeps coming back for more punishment. The lightweight TRILAM hulls are easy to handle ashore and require virtually no maintenance.

The unique hull shape makes light work of big waves even putting many larger cats in the shade. The hulls incorporate skegs rather than daggerboards and an auto-lift rudder system so setting off and returning to shore is simple and stress free.

The Topaz 14 CX catamaran enables beginners to learn to sail a catamaran at a much earlier age and is therefore an ideal choice for sailing schools and holiday companies. It’s fast and fun yet exceptionally stable and forgiving. The controls, from raising the mainsail and jib to handling the mainsheet loads are geared so that even young or lighter crew can handle them comfortably.

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