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Simple, stable and durable, the RS Quest sets the standard for training and recreational sailboats worldwide. A direct response to market demands for a 14′ dinghy that is self bailing and large enough for up to 3 or 4 adults, the RS Quest delivers. Drawing on over 20 years of experience building roto-molded boats, RS Sailing brings everything they have learned to the new RS Quest. With internal bench seating, optional symmetric and asymmetric spinnaker setups, high boom, and extremely tough roto-molded construction, the RS Quest is perfect for learn to sail programs, families, and sailors of all ages.

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  • The RS Quest has an exceptionally stable hull and large self-draining cockpit
  • There is an optional fore deck for added storage and wave deflection
  • With asymmetric and symmetrical spinnaker options, the RS Quest can be setup as the ultimate training platform to prepare for moving on to most any other sailboat. 
  • The mast thwart is removable for ease of maintenance
  • The RS Quest has a curved handle shaped gunwale for easy carrying and launching
  • The 3 point landing tie downs and towing eyes are convenient and easily replaced
  • Capsize recovery handles on outside of the RS Quest’s hull reduce dependency on the dagger board to help right the boat and make it easier for sailors to stay with the boat when flipped over
  • A roller furling jib makes sail changes and dock or launch ramp approaches a breeze
  • With a fixed fore stay the jib can be removed and the RS Quest sails very well balanced with just the main sail
  • The boat has a two piece aluminum mast with a foam filled top section to prevent inversion
  • Optional external or internal main halyard
  • The RS Quest main and jib are made from heavy duty Dacron
  • A friction based pivoting centerboard means no control lines and the board will automatically lift if run into anything in shallow water
  • Durable aluminum rudder blade with tiller controlled lift & lock system


  • 3 Layer rotomolded RS Comptec PE3 construction
  • Tough outer skin, foam core for stiffness, strong inner skin
  • Thickness added in high load areas which enables reduced overall weight
  • Built in buoyancy with foam layer
  • Brass inserts molded right into the hull of the RS Quest create added strength and make it very easy to switch between rig setups
  • Engineered for maximum strength and minimum maintenance


Length 14’1″ 
Beam  6′ 
Main/Jib Area  118ft2
 Asymmetric Area  118ft2 
 Symmetric Area 107ft2 
 Hull Weight 220lbs
 Designer  Jo Richards
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