Nacra F20 Carbon


The Nacra F20 Carbon is a fast and stable platform that took all the best features of the F16 and F18 infusion and applied it into this new boat. The Nacra F20 Carbon has the same rudder system, beams and other small bits and pieces. The difference can be found in the hull shape, carbon mast and is larger size.

You can sail the Nacra 20 with a crew of 2, the boat is designed for both course and inshore/coastal distance racing. The boat comes standardly included with a high aspect Kevlar-carbon square top mainsail, a Kevlar-carbon high aspect jib and a full radial cut gennaker. All composite component tooling are CNC milled for accurate shape and high quality/low weight finish. The hulls are built out of a full carbon fiber sandwich construction with a pre-molded shaped core. Foils are full carbon FRP with Epoxy resin. Teh C foil daggerboards will provide enough lift to place the boat on toip of the water, reducing drag, increasing speed without compromising control.  

FCS Option

An option for the Carbon 20 is the FCS kit.  FCS stands for “Flight Control System” which is the Carbon 20’s foiling system.  The flight control system allows for the boat to foil, reducing drag and increasing speed. It is not uncommon for this boat to reach 25 plus kts.  

The sensation of flying over the water on FCS main foils and FCS rudders is an indescribable feeling. You will never forget your first flying seconds and/or moments and will come back for more. Make sure you get on one to try, but be warned. THIS IS ADDICTIVE and the new way to go.


All composite component are CNC milled for accurate shape and high quality/low weight finish. The hulls are build out of a full carbon fiber sandwich construction with a pre-molded shaped core. Carbon standard rudders, Carbon 20 C foils, FCS Main Foil, FCS T-rudder, Rudder- system, spin pole, boom and mast are built with state of the art full carbon fiber construction as well. Using the best possible manufacturing techniques available to obtain maximum strength with minimum weight using state of the art autoclave technology, curing the pre-impregnated carbon/epoxy at 120 degrees Celsius at an atmospheric pressure of 6 bar.

Sail the Nacra Carbon 20

Come sail the Nacra Carbon 20 at our Test Center in the Outer Banks of NC.  Our program, “Try it before you buy it” is a great way to try a a new boat to make sure it is a good fit.  Our test center is located at our partner business  Nor ‘Banks Sailing and Watersports in Duck, NC. Appointments  are required for boat testing and we charge a demo fee for the test. Demo fees vary by boat.  The demo fee will be reimbursed to you if you purchase a boat.  Test sails are offered April through October and are weather dependent.  To make a appointment for a test sail please Contact us to set it up.   


Nacra snuffer system Standard
Carbon Curved Foils Standard
Nacra kick up rudder system Standard
Boom Standard
Carbon Boom Option
Mainsail DS 21.07 SqM/227 SqFt Option
Carbon telesscopic joystick Standard
Self tacking Jib system Standard
Rudder Carbon
FCS 20 Option
Hull 6.2M (20’3″)
Beam 3.2M (10’5″)
Mast Length 10.51M (34’5″)
Boat weight 182 Kg (401 Lb)
Trapeze 2 people
Mainsail 21.07 SqM (227Sqft)
Jib 4.99 SqM

(54 Sqft)

Spinnaker 27.66 SqM

(297 SqFt)

Mainsheet 1:10
Cunningham 1:16


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