Nacra F16

Nacra F16
The NACRA 16 is designed & engineered by the world famous multihull construction company Morrelli & Melvin based in Huntington Beach California USA. Peter Vink overseeing this 16 project as counterpart on behalf of NACRA Sailing International explains on the NACRA 16.

Morrelli/Melvin already proved to be a successful combination with NACRA with several earlier designs such as the NACRA Playcat (1995), NACRA Inter F18(1995), NACRA F18 Infusion(2005) & The NACRA F20 Carbon(2009). Both F18’s designed by Morrelli/Melvin became World Champion in the F18 class numerous times, the F20 Carbon is proving to be a true racing machine sailed by the more heavier sailors and winning events on line honors and handicap. Morrelli/Melvin is widely involved in the latest America’s cup designs and always on top of what knowledge is available to implement in new designs such as this NACRA 16.


  • Nacra snuffer system
  • Nacra kick up rudder system
  • Foam sandwich Vinylester construction
  • Ariba Glassfiber telesscopic joystick
  • Selftacking Jib system
  • 1:8 mainsheet system
  • Adjustable trapeze system


Length 4.87 M / 16 ft
Beam 2.5 M / 8.2 ft
Spinnaker 17.5 SqM/188 SqFt
Racing Crew 2 / 2
Weight (fully rigged) 127 kg / 280 Lbs
Mast Length 8.53 M / 28 ft
Mainsail 15 SqM / 161 sqft
Jib 3.7 SqM / 40 sqft

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