Nacra 500


The Nacra 500 is the recreational catamaran for those who want simplicity and performance. The large buoyant hulls enable you to drive her across the waves with ease in a variety of conditions. She is a modern beach catamaran that sails well, is simple to rig, is fun to sail and simple to maintain. Her large trampoline area gives you plenty of real estate to move around on as a solo sailor or up to three friends. With three configurations to choose from, the Nacra 500 is a good fit for many different skill levels. The boat comes well equipped with Harken hardware, Alpha Ropes and Performance Sails.
Nicknamed, ‘The Pocket Rocket’ she is fast and fun. The boat is easily to maneuver of the beach, ramp or dock in a variety of conditions with her buoyant hulls. Launching and landing from the beach is easy with the kick-up rudders and the skeg hulls as well. A white Mylar main sail and Dacron jib come standard with the boat. The Nacra 500 runs with a boom-less main that makes rigging and sailing much simpler

Standard items include:  ‘Can’t Miss’ trapeze system, aluminum fixed tiller extension, an 8:1 mainsheet and 6:1 downhaul (Cunningham) system makes the Nacra 500 is a great choice for sailors stepping up from older designs. The trampoline is made of mesh polypropylene allowing the water to quickly drain through, keeping sailors as dry as possible. The Nacra 500 provides high performance recreational sailing at an affordable price.

Nacra 500

The Nacra 500  is the standard configuration and is the perfect beach catamaran for recreational or club sailing on a lake, sound, bay, or ocean. With a 152 Sq. ft. Mylar mainsail and a 38 Sq. Ft Dacron jib, she is easily single handed or sailed with up to four people.

The Nacra 500 Sport carries the same sail area as the Fun version, but with the addition of a asymmetrical spinnaker. Our one line spinnaker system makes raising and dousing the sail back into the bag very easy. The spinnaker will give the boat more power and speed on your down wind and broad reach runs. The 183 Sq. ft. nylon spinnaker packs a lot of power and fun, enabling you to drive fast upwind and downwind.

The Nacra 500 School/Resort edition is a great boat for sailors to learn how to sail a multihull. The key feature is the boat’s 146 Sq. ft. Dacron mainsail. The mainsail carries one reef point and the Harken roller furler for the jib. This enables you to depower the boat for youth or new sailors when the wind increases. However, the boat still packs the power needed for experienced sailors as well.

Optional items that can be added to your order:  A carbon extendable tiller extension, quick adjust trapeze system, foot straps, 8:1 Cunningham, full boat cover, jib cover, rudder covers and cat trax.

Sail the Nacra 500

Come sail the Nacra 500  at our Test Center in the Outer Banks of NC.  Our program, “Try it before you buy it” is a great way to try a a new boat to make sure it is a good fit.   Appointments  are required for boat testing and we charge a demo fee for the test. Demo fees vary by boat.  The demo fee will be reimbursed to you if you purchase a boat.  Test sails are offered April through October and are weather dependent.  To make a appointment for a test sail please Contact us to set it up.   


  • Polyester Hulls
  • Nacra kick up rudder system
  • Pro grip on deck
  • Black mesh trampoline
  • Storage compartment in each hull
  • Harken Hardware
  • Aluminum tiller extension
  • 4 x adjustable trapeze system
  • 1:8 mainsheet system
  • 1:6 Cunningham
  • Sails by Performance Sails


Length: 5.0 M / 16.4 Ft
Beam:  2.44 M / 8.0 Ft
Crew Capacity: 1-4 / 1-4
Racing Crew: 2 / 2
Weight (fully rigged): 110 kg / 243 Lbs
Mast Length: 8.23 M / 27 Ft
Mainsail: 14.15 SqM / 152 Sqft

13.65 SqM / 146 SqFt

Jib: 3.52 SqM / 38 Sqft
Spinnaker (optional): 17.00 SqM / 183 Sqft

Pricing Does not include shipping.  Shipping available upon request


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