Introducing the Flo1 in the USA

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of two state-of-the-art Flo1 sailing boats at East Coast Sailboats. These innovative vessels have been making waves in the sailing community, offering an exciting and unique experience on the water. Having arrived a few months ago, these boats are now available for demo..

Experience the Flo1 Difference:

The Flo1 sailing boats bring a fresh perspective to sailing, combining traditional aspects with cutting-edge design features. If you are eager to explore the waters and witness the Flo1’s exceptional capabilities firsthand, We invite you to schedule a demo sail. Whether at their location or at your club or school, they are ready to showcase the Flo1’s remarkable performance.

Discover the Unique Features:

While the Flo1 handles like a conventional dinghy, it boasts several distinctive attributes that set it apart:

  • Versatile Launch Options: Launch the Flo1 from a slope or the beach, offering flexibility in your sailing adventures.
  • Effortless Sail Control: Hoisting and lowering the sail without a hassle, enhancing your overall sailing experience.
  • Innovative Folding Foils: The foils can be easily folded to the sides of the boat, providing convenience during various sailing conditions. Also helpfull in ports/ dinghyparcs and while docking along side a rib.
  • Traditional Sailing Experience: Enjoy sailing the Flo1 just like a traditional sailboat, offering a sense of familiarity combined with modern enhancements.
  • Stability and Performance: The Flo1 incorporates DSS-foils that not only enable foiling but also enhance stability by widening the boat’s profile. This boat achieves its peak stability when foiling, ensuring an exhilarating yet secure ride.

Demo Sailing and Special Offer:

Are you curious to witness the Flo1’s capabilities in action? Join Us for a demo sail and witness firsthand the remarkable performance and stability it offers. While there is a nominal charge for the demo sail, buts are excited to extend a discount towards your Flo1 purchase  for the amount of the deo cost if you decide to take this extraordinary sailing experience to the next level.

Embrace innovation, stability, and the thrill of sailing with the Flo1. Contact Us to schedule your demo sail and embark on a new era of sailing adventure!

About Aeronamics

Our aim was to develop a hydrofoiling sailboat that makes the hydrofoiling experience available to a large group of sailing enthusiasts. So we came up with the Flo1, a boat that is both spectacular and easy to sail.

We asked our sailing friends how they like to sail a hydrofoiler and what is important to them. Simplicity, durability and speed were the answers we received. The boat was designed around these criteria. We designed a stable hull form that behaves very well in non-foiling mode as well. No hassle launching, no fragile structures and a very large speed potential. All with an attractive price tag.

The boats are produced at our own business place in Doetinchem, The Netherlands. Using the latest technologies in boat building an aerodynamic analyses. An efficient and sustainable production process minimizes energy usage. Powered by Qconcepts Design & Engineering.


Can I do a demo sail the FLO1?

  • Yes, we have a demo boat available at our location or we can arrange to come to your club or school- charges apply
  • We do charge for the demo sail on the FLO1, but we discount the amount off of the boat if you purchase a FLO1
  • Contact us if you would like to sail a FLO1

What are the unique selling points of the Flo1?

Even though the Flo1 handles like a normal dinghy, it has some differences:

  • Launch it from a slope or from the beach
  • The sail is easy to hoist and lower back down
  • The foils easily fold to the side of the boat

You can sail the Flo1 like a traditional sailboat. The DSS-foils are not only there for foiling, but because the foils make the boat wider, they also give it more stability. The Flo1 is at its most stable when it’s foiling.

What are the different modes of the Flo1?

The Flo1 has multiple sailing modes:

  • Displacement mode: the boat floats on the hull volume and displaces the water like a traditional sailboat
  • Planing: the boat sails faster than its hull speed
  • Skimming: the foils give the boat a considerable lift, giving the boat an increased speed. The bottom of the hull barely touches the water
  • Foiling: the hull flies free from the water. The sound of the water is decreased to a minimum

How do I launch the boat?

The string controlled lifting boards are in the up position, rudder and centerboard are raised. Launching from a ramp is as simple as a ‘normal’ sailing dinghy. Store your trolley, push the boat away and jump in. The lifting boards stay clear from the boom so no risk for damage. After moving away from the slipway, the rudder and centerboard can be pushed down. When you are comfortable, simply deploy the lifting boards and go!

And returning to the ramp?

Lowering the sail is easy, simply release the halyard and lower it. No nasty high speed, uncontrollable and potentially dangerous returns to the ramp anymore. Landing with raised foils is the same as in any other conventional dinghy. Every sailor has touched the bottom with the centerboard. The Flo1’s centerboard is equipped with a safety cleat and pops up when this might happen. No hassle.

A light boat, fragile as well?

The boat is built using sandwich epoxy laminate with carbon reinforcements. The boat is engineered with durability in mind. Carbon is put in the high load areas where it helps create a durably stiff but light weight structure.

How are the components of the Flo1 made?

There are many different techniques used in creating the components of the Flo1. The orange shells on the rail are 3D printed. The foils were designed with a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis. A Velocity Prediction Program (VPP) has been used for the hull concept and optimization. The moulds for the boat have been milled with a CNC-machine for great accuracy.

Why a stayed rig, isn’t that complicated?

Well… weight is the main answer. The stayed rig is much lighter and easier to handle than an unstayed configuration. We tested an unstayed mast on the 2nd generation prototype, but this one behaves much better. The simple spreader less rig with additional ‘lowers’ is easy to setup and to tune. Dropping the sail before landing on the ramp is made much easier without a pocket luff. The mast can be split in two equal length pieces for storage and transport.

What about sailors weights?

The Flo1 is sailed by sailors with a wide weight range. See the videos and photos. Stability created by the foil is your biggest friend.

Why are the foils bigger than usual?

Early and comfortable foiling is the concept behind the boat. Large foils help make the boat fly at low speeds, while at the same time helping a comfortable ride at high speeds. The surface piercing tips help in the comfortable behavior without the need of an active mechanics. No moving parts needed!

Surface piercing foils?

The surface piercing configuration creates the automated ride-height. The faster you go the more the boat will rise. At the same time the foil will pierce through the waterplane, and the working area of the foil is reduced, as part of it is traveling through air. See the animation for an explanation of this behavior.

What is the top speed of the Flo1?

The measured top speed is 22 knots (4o kph). With a higher potential, depending on the courage and experience of the sailor. At wind speeds of 6-8 knots the boat will ‘fly’ above the water. Upwind foiling is possible, but it’s up to the sailor to choose the right sailing mode.

How about the safety?

Sports like sailing always require full attention of the user. The Flo1 can reach catamaran speeds. Keep your distance from other water sports enthusiasts. The speed of the Flo1 gives the user ample time to avoid dangerous situations.

Transport and storage

The 4,30-meter length makes the boat suitable for traditional dinghy trailers and boat parks. With the lifting boards in the up position, the boards sit within the maximum boat beam. Removal of the foils to store them at home takes two minutes and can be done without any tools. When you’d like to drop the mast; simply split it in two pieces and it will fit within the maximum length of the boat.


Length 4.25m / 13.95 Ft
Beam 1.8m / 5.9 Ft
Foiling width 2.3m / 7.55 Ft
Draft 0.95m / 3.12 Ft
Hull weight 50kg / 110 Lbs
Minimum true wind speed for take off 6-9kn


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