The concept was born from an observing higher performance race boats, how do you learn how to foil when these boats are not readily accessible to the average sailor ?

The concept is simple- The boat has to be stable, safe and foiling with good acceleration and speed. The Birdyfish was born!

BirdyFish - Dériveurs à Foils - Made in France


Scow hull
Two foils
Load bearing surface on the rudder
Large, deep and safe cockpit
Quality Harken fittings


Powerful sail plan
Take off in 8-10 knots
Impressive acceleration
20+ knots of speed in prospect


One boat, two configurations
A race pack that turns the boat into a one-design regatta boat.
You have the choice :
– The race version for regatta enthusiasts
– The fun version for freeride pleasure


Two sail configuration choices

GV and jib in Dacron, code 0 in nylon for the fun sails.
The three sails in membrane for the regatta sails.


Made in infusion
Glass/polyester sandwich


Harken fittings for easy maneuvering.
Deep seats for a safe and comfortable ride.


Carbon/epoxy infused foils and rudder.
Self-regulating shape to stabilize the flight.

Fun Version

Birdyfish is a concentration of technology from racing and Sail GP. A sum of details that together make this boat an easy, fast and stable foiler for all skill levels.

The self-regulating J-foils which, in addition to making the boat fly, also contribute to the righting. The physical dimension of the crew does not become a condition for taking off.

This version is distinguished by its set of sails.

– Dacron mainsail with two reefing points

– Dacron jib on a furler

– Nylon Code 0 

Race Version

We dreamed of the “Sail gp” or “America’s Cup” races, Birdyfish had to race.

To stay within our concept of ease, we wanted to make the right modifications to get the most out of the boat.

– A set of Mylar sails, Gv, jib, and code 0, giving amplitude and precision of adjustment.

– Additional hardware (modification of the furling system, Cunningham and a code 0 halyard tensioner) give you more adjustment

So you can go from the fun version to the race version in the blink of an eye.


  1. Road trailer
  2. Foil cover
  3. Top cover
  4. Under cover




Length 4.7 m /  15.4 FT
Width 1.88 m / 62 Ft
Weight 135 kg (297 lbs)
Max weight on board 225 kg (496 lbs)
Sail area/Code O 14m² upwind / 150 Sq FT
20m² downwind / 215 Sq Ft


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