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All-Volunteer Sailing School Gets Local Kids on the Water


Ask Al Douglass what the best part of teaching kids to sail is and he’ll tell you that the pay off is seeing a student take the helm for the first time.

“When a young person sails on their own, and a grin breaks from ear to ear, that is the greatest reward of all,” said the director of the Colington Yacht Club’s youth sailing program in Kill Devil Hills, NC.

Douglass explained that the Colington Yacht Club wanted to provide a service to the community, and the four week sailing camp was developed as a result. The program is operated by volunteers. The focus is on providing local kids with the opportunity to learn to sail.

“We’ve been at this for four years,” Douglass said. “Our kids keep coming back to the program. They grow in their sense of teamwork and responsibility.”

The program runs every July and offers US Sail certified level 1 small boat instruction for children ages 8 to 15.

“We offer this four week program for $75 per sailor, an incredibly low price that doesn’t meet the expenses of boat repair, let alone replacement,” he said. “We do fundraisers for the difference. We provide an opportunity for local children to experience the joy of sailing.”

Colington’s fleet includes three Topaz Unos – two that belong to the program and one that’s on loan. Douglass says the Uno was a great choice for the fleet because of its affordability.

For more information on the Colington youth sailing camp, visit the website or call 215-605-7312.




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