Topaz 16


The Topaz 16 is a great beach cat and we cannot recommend it enough. Simple, safe and easy to use, the boat surpasses expectations. Having taken second place in the 300 Mile Everglades Challenge in 2018 (sailed bya member of our staff), it is a boat that we highly recommend for beginners all the way up to experienced sailors. Well controlled, simply rigged and easy to sail. Great family boat as well as able to race. It satisfies a wide range of needs for sailors. The hulls are constructed using the TRILAM roto-molding technique used on the Topaz range of sailboats and are very robust and resilient. The hulls incorporate skegs rather than dagger boards, so beaching the CAT is safe and simple. The lightweight TRILAM Metalicene hulls are easy to handle ashore and require virtually no maintenance. The Topaz Cat 16 comes with a three hull warranty and a one year parts and component warranty.

Topaz 16


The Topaz 16C is an accessible but high performance cat designed to be single handed or for a crew of two. The Topaz 16C has a twin trapeze and boasts a powerful 14.25m2 sail area courtesy of a large Dacron main and jib. A Roller furling jib is standard on the boat.

The Topaz 16 CX has the same set up as the 16C, but it includes an impressive 11.18m2 gennaker. The spinnaker system uses a one line system to raise and douse the spinnaker back into its bag. The 16CX also has an alternative roller furling code zero system for the boat. Simple, easy to single hand and fun to sail.

Topaz 16 Downloadable Specification Sheet Pricing and availability

Topaz 16 Catamaran Features

The 16 is a sixteen foot catamaran that is fast, fun and forgiving:

  • High foredeck with lots of volume in the bow area is great for stability, handling and good feedback
  • The built-in skeg design hulls (so no need for daggerboards) make for user friendly sailing
  • No boom
  • Lock-in beams combined with stiff hull construction provide a stiff, rigid and dynamic sailing platform
  • Adjustable, safe and simple ‘Race’ Rudder System allows you to adjust the rake of blade dependent on conditions
  • High quality foot straps for trapezing
  • Unique non-slip pattern is user friendly and provides extra grip when trapezing
  • Sealed mast by Selden
  • Step hinged mast makes rigging quick and easy
  • Incredibly high quality hardware by Allen and Ronstan
  • Ratchet gennaker block on the 16CX
  • Lightweight and tough high-specification epoxy foam filled rudder blade for precise handling
  • Total rigged weight of just 140kg


Length: 4.72 M / 16 Ft
Beam:  2.25 M / 7.4 Ft
Crew Capacity: 1-2 / 1-2
Racing Crew: 2 / 1
Weight (fully rigged): 11.18 SqM / 120.3 Sq Ft
Main: 26′ 6 “
Jib: 2.17 SqM / 23.4 Sq ft
Gennnaker: 11.18 SqM / 120.3 Sq Ft
Trapeze: Single / Twin
SCHRS Rating: 1.295 / 1.275 / 1.250

Pricing Does not include shipping.  Shipping available upon request

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