The Rocket –  The Essential Planing Dinghy

The all-new 2021 Rocket is an innovative dinghy built to be fast, fun to sail and robust.

The Rocket builds on the strongest platform of the classic American “Board Boat”. The success of the board boat is in their simplicity, ease of use, safety and affordability. Over the years there have been thousands and thousands built and enjoyed. The Rocket has taken the classic board boat form and updated it with modern methods and materials.


  • Manufactured using an extra lightweight cored composite construction. 40% lighter than conventional board boats.
  • Effortless acceleration and holding of high speeds.
  • Ability to plane upwind, downwind, and on reaches in medium breeze.
  • Light weight makes the boat easy to launch and land.
  • Long cockpit (6 feet 3 inches) provides ample room for 2 adults or up to 4 children. Plenty of room for dry-bags.
  • Lateen sail setup. Simply pull the halyard 10 feet, cleat it and the sail, boom and gaffe are in position.

Sail Away Package

Everything you need:

  • Fully outfitted hull
  • Complete assembled mast and spars
  • Sail (sail rings or double-sided velcro) and all lines and ropes.
  • Launching dolly

Sail color options:

  • USA- Red White and Blue (as pictured)
  • Rainbow- Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple
  • Re-Entry- Red, Orange, Yellow

All sails are built by North Sails from 3.8 oz Dacron.

All boats are rigged with Ronstan dinghy hardware, FSE Robline ropes and speciality items made by Fulcrum:

  • Tiller Extension (Fulcrum)
  • Hiking Straps (Fulcrum)
  • Mainsheet blocks (Ronstan)
  • Deck cleats (Ronstan)
  • Deck fairleads (Ronstan)
  • Bow loops (Fulcrum)
  • Rail loops for dolly connection (Fulcrum)
  • Suction Bailer (Fulcrum)
  • Rudder Mounts (Fulcrum)

Upcoming options:

“Backcountry” Setup – Go absolutely everywhere

  • Features cargo hooks, oars, clips in cockpit for oar storage and integrated oarlocks
  • Pricing TBD

“Interceptor” Setup – Your Rocket with afterburners

  • Features Rudder T-foil for advanced planning performance and pitch control and a performance-optimized rig and sail
  • Pricing TBD



Length 14 Ft 2 Inches
Beam 4 Ft 4 Inches
Draft 2 Ft 9 Inches
Hull Weight 90 Lbs
Weight (fully rigged): 110 Lbs
Sail Area 81.37 Sq Ft


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