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Topaz Vibe X



A great introduction to performance sailing
Greater Performance and Control with a larger rig
Beamy and chined hull for reassuring stability
It is designed as a hiking performance double hander but can also be sailed with a single trapeze


The Vibe offers a great introduction to performance sailing. It is designed as a hiking performance double hander but can also be sailed with a single trapeze. The Mylar mainsail area can be reduced by up to 20% using the innovative zip reefing system, meaning that the boat can be altered to suit virtual novices, club racers and even set up as a single hander.

A more powerful Vibe X rig is also available. The VIBE X utilizes the same hull as the original Vibe which has proven to be exceptionally stable, light and compact – with the addition of a larger and more powerful rig. The extra power which allows the boat to plane even earlier and sail even faster is ideal for lighter wind conditions, heavier sailors or to challenge crews as they grow in confidence.

The larger rig results in a 20 per cent increase in sail area, with the taller mast fitted with lowers, shrouds and spreaders for greater control of mast bend and compression. This makes it easier to de-power the mainsail upwind, with enough support for a lighter crew to trapeze without distorting the rig, plus a longer pole to fly a considerably larger asymmetric spinnaker.



Product Description

Topaz Vibe X

    VIBE X
Length   3.80m/12′ 4″
Beam   1.66m/5’4″
Crew Capacity   1-3
Racing Crew   2
Hull weight   70kg/154 Lbs
Construction   Topaz TRILAM
Sail Area ex spi   10.42 m2/112.16 Sq Ft
Main   8.12 m2/87.4 Sq Ft
Jib   2.3 m2/24.7 Sq Ft
Spinnaker   10.6 m2/113.9 Sq Ft
Trapeze   Yes
Mast   One Piece
Mobility   Trailer and/or dolly
Level   Novice-Racer


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