TOPAZ Uno Plus R2



The Topaz Uno Plus is a simple and rewarding fun boat. Fast yet stable. Room for 1 to 3 people.

  • Easy to rig, free-standing mast by Super Spars and a bolt rope main sail. The mainsail is easily reefed by wrapping it around the mast.
  • Boat can be left rigged with the mast up
  • A Mast up boat cover is available for this boat
  • Roomy and comfortable self-draining cockpit – easily fits crew of 1 to 3 people.
  • Cartoppable – hull weight of 132 pounds & two-piece mast.
  • High free-board for buoyancy – boat will not take on water over the open transom nor will the bow nose-dive.
  • High-boom setting and center main sheet makes the boat easy to control, tack, and gybe.
  • Toe-straps for helm and crew are standard.
  • TRILAM hull technology – excellent strength to weight ratio, buoyancy, stiffness, and durability.



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Topaz Uno Plus

Length 12’8″ / 3.90 m
Beam 4’75” / 1.44 m
Crew 1-3
Hull weight 132 lbs / 60 kg
Construction TRILAM Polyethylene
Sail Area 79 sq ft / 7.3 sq m
Main (Dacron) 60 sq ft / 5.6 sq m
Jib (Dacron) 19 sq ft / 1.8 sq m
Weight Capacity 374 lbs / 170 kg
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