Skills Clinics


Skills Clinics

We will have skills clinics starting in May through August. We will use both Topaz and C420 sailboats. This is a continuation of level 2 and above clinic. Students must have completed Level 2 sailing camp or have equivalent experience in order to participate. This is a scheduled activity and requires a minimum of a 3 sessions per sailor or team. Contact us for more information on this clinic. Sessions include coach, coach boat and sailboat. Minimum is 2 students per session.

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Clinic  Schedule

Outer Banks weather creates updates along the way. Our first goal is to keep our sailors safe and having fun while spending as much time on the water as possible. Weather depending, we definitely shift schedules around to maximize our time on the water. We will schedule clinics with individual/teams based on weather and availability.  

Personal Safety

Students are asked to come prepared and are required to bring their own PFD (personal flotation device or life jacket) with a whistle attached.  It needs to be a Type III or better.  If you do not have one, we can let you borrow one, but would ask that you purchase one if you are doing multiple sessions.  We offer MTI, Gill and Zhik PFD’s’s available for purchase. Helmets are available for sale as well if you choose to use one. 

Sun & Safety:

Our students safety and comfort is our primary concern.  We require that all kids know how to swim.  We ask that each student comes prepared with a hat, sunscreen (already applied as well as extra for re-application), sun shirts, sailing shoes and a water bottle.  


Sailors are expected to know basic sailing and rigging.  Session will start with a brief outline of the sessions goals. Students are expected to rig and launch their boats quickly and efficiently and head to the course. Session will run its course and then return to the dock. Students will de-rig and cover boats. A Short de-brief session will follow.  


Parents are welcome to come and watch these sessions at any time. We have a comfortable area for families to sit and watch the kids sail. We are happy to talk to parents about the program at anytime and help answer any questions.  If space is available, parents may be allowed to ride along in coach boat.  

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