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For more than 8 years, a wind of change has been what the O’pen BIC has brought to the world of dinghy sailing for kids. Designed specifically for kids, the O’pen BIC is a true glide machine for real excitement on the water. 

The O’pen BIC, with its modern and powerful rig, is a fast boat, quick to respond, self-bailing, and is fitted by the best marine hardware manufacturers. The O’pen BIC is THE link between the Optimist generation and the new generation of sailing dinghies. Launched in 2006, the O’pen BIC has already convinced more than 7000 young sailors around the world. They love the fun they can get out of it, its capacity to react fast and its prowess. 

An ISAF international class is also very active for those who enjoy competitive racing. Racing enthusiasts benefit from an energetic international ISAF Class and from the motivation of many national federations who have selected the O’pen BIC for their clubs. 

This enthusiasm and appeal for the boat can be witnessed from the success of the last World Cups on lake Garda in Italy and in Travemünde in Germany and from the many regattas that are organized every season around the world. In certain instances, some regattas at national level were able to organize very innovative race formats. The UN Regatta in the United States of America and in Australia are the best example: they put together a cocktail of ingenious freestyle sessions as well as more standard-type regattas, all in a very festive atmosphere… The young racers really enjoyed!

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logo o'pen BIC by BIC SportThe link between the optimist generation and the new generation of sailing dinghies.


O'pen BIC Sailing boat for youth by BIC Sport

O’pen BIC celebrated its 10th birthday in 2016, along with the production of its 8,000th boat. Designed specifically for juniors, our little dinghy has blown a big breath of fresh air through our sailing world, close to the new-generation skiff concept, very fast and very simple. 100% open, self-bailing, rapid and responsive, with an up-to-date versatile rig, the O’pen BIC offers kids a machine that delivers maximum fun while helping them learn the skills and reflexes to enjoy racing on current, high-performance equipment. Hundreds of sailing clubs around the world have opted for the O’pen BIC, for a new, fun way of teaching sailing to appeal to youngsters attracted to new sail sports.

The O’pen BIC has also ruffled the feathers of the traditional race scene, with race formats and simplified rules that focus more on fun and improvement than just race results. Innovative courses and rules, on-water refereeing, and even freestyle encourage participation and a variety of sailing skills. 

At international level, the class is more action-packed than ever, with an ever-increasing calendar of international regattas and events. This summer’s World Championships in Quiberon, France, brought together 205 racers from 15 countries. Our best ever entry. In our homeland of Europe there are more and more participants and competitions : many nations are seeing a rapid growth of O’pen BIC fleet and taking advantage of that dynamic to encourage more and more young converts to sailing. 

Some of the national championships offer a totally innovative take on competition sailing. UN Regattas in America and Australia are great examples, mixing a cocktail of anything-goes freestyle sessions with classic regatta racing, with the emphasis on fun as well as finesse.


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