NEW: Topaz Ranger

Introducing The Topaz Ranger

We proudly present our new, sailboat: The Topaz Ranger! The Topaz Ranger is a good all-round boat. She is simple enough for virtual novices, recreational sailors and experts alike. the Topaz Ranger has sufficient capacity to up to 4 people, sailed single handed or sailed/raced with two.  Great stability with superior handling.  

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Spacious cockpit

The Ranger has a very spacious cockpit with the capacity to comfortably carry two adults. The cockpit also has additional seating with two seats positioned at the front of the cockpit and a fibre glass thwart in the centre together with seating on the side of the boat.

Versatile and complete

The Ranger is also fitted with a Gnav-System on the boom to further optimise the cockpit space. The boom is the right height to clear small children. The lightweight pivoting epoxy centreboard makes for easy, family-friendly sailing. Sails are available in Dacron for durability or Mylar for extra performance. A trapeze kit is also available as an option. The lightweight rig with pivoting mast-foot enable you to raise and lower the mast single-handedly.

Safety features

The mainsail has a flotation device fitted at the head of the sail reduces the risk of total capsize. The furling jib is simple enough for a beginner to use. Righting-lines and grab-rails are safety features fitted as standard.



  • TRILAM construction unique to the Topaz range gives unrivaled strength to weight ratio and great uniformity, buoyancy, stiffness and durability.
  • Great value for fun sailing and club racing.
  • Safe, stable and reassuring hull shape.
  • Spacious and comfortable cockpit holds up to four people of any size.
  • High boom makes the boat feel comfortable and spacious.
  • Boom is just the right height and allows for a extra cockpit space.
  • Ratcheting main block with cleat.  
  • Gnav-System, as standard, optimizes already generous cockpit space.
  • Handy storage compartments in cockpit and transom areas.
  • Additional built-in buoyancy and high-freeboard.
  • Lightweight pivoting  centerboard for ease of use.
  • Reefing Dacron mainsail allows you to reduce the sail area so that the power can be controlled depending on the weather conditions and the sailor size and experience.
  • Furling jib is standard.
  • Masthead flotation, fitted at the head of the sail, is a standard safety item provided with the boat.

Introductory Pricing for Boats and Accessories

The Topaz Ranger Club: $ 7,370.00

The Topaz Ranger Sport: $ 8,240.00  (includes Asymmetrical spinnaker kit)



Length 12’9″
Beam 5’11”
Crew 1-4 persons
Hull weight 198 Lbs
Construction Topaz Trilam
Sail area ex spi 98 Sqft
Main 74.3 Sqft
Jib 23.7 Sqft
Spinnaker 90.5 Sqft (option)
Trapeze: option
Level novice – club racer
Pricing and availability

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