Nacra 460


Like other Nacra catamarans, the design team have given sailors simplicity, quality and performance in one small catamaran. There’s nothing standard about this craft. Just look at the clean hull lines, note how the beams are recessed into the hulls, yielding greater rigidity to the platform. There is a high level of buoyancy in the hulls meaning you stay as close to “on top” of the water as possible.

Nacra has added pro grip to the deck and on the top part of the hulls to make trapezing even easier and safer. Glass fiber, carbon reinforced kick-up rudders use Nacra’s rudder lock system, making it easier to lock them up or down while still allowing them to kick up when needed. There is no dagger board, but rather uses a skeg style hull that makes beaching easy, but still gives you good upwind performance. The Mylar mainsail gives plenty of power and the Dacron jib will give years of life to this beach catamaran. An optional Dacron School/Resort sail is available with reef points. The jib is sheeting is done off the front cross beam, allowing for plenty of space to move around. Sails are made by Performance, one of the worlds leading sail makers. The 460 is a tough lightweight catamaran that will give the whole family years of fun. The Nacra 460 is also available in three different configuration.

The Nacra 460 Fun is the perfect family boat. Great for learning how to sail or to go out single or double handed. The Nacra 460 fun comes standard with a single trapeze and the standard boom less Mylar mainsail with 132 Sq. Ft. of mainsail and a 31 Sq. Ft. Dacron Jib. Plenty of power to sail single or double handed. With a 1:6 mainsheet, a 1:4 downhaul and 1:2 jib sheeting, the Nacra 460 gives you plenty of control over the sail and jib. You can also add a roller furler to the jib as an option if needed. Easy and fun to sail.

The Nacra 460 Sport carries the same sail area as the Fun version, but with the addition of a asymmetrical spinnaker. Our one line spinnaker system makes raising and dousing the sail back into the bag very easy. The spinnaker will give the boat more power and speed on your down wind and broad reach runs. The 161 Sq. ft. nylon spinnaker packs a lot of power and fun, enabling you to drive fast upwind and downwind.

The Nacra 460 School/Resort edition is a great boat for sailors to learn how to sail a multihull. The key feature is the boat’s 127 Sq. ft. Dacron mainsail. The mainsail carries one reef point and the Harken roller furler for the jib. This enables you to depower the boat for youth or new sailors when the wind increases. However, the boat still packs the power needed for experienced sailors as well.


Nacra snuffer system Option
Reef possibility Option
Nacra kick up rudder system Standard
Foam sandwich Vinylester construction Standard
Ariba Glassfiber telesscopic joystick Standard
1:6 mainsheet system Standard

Technical Data

Boat length 4.50/14’7″
Boat width 2.35/7’7″
Mast Lenght 7.77/25’5″
Area mainsail 12.50/136 Sqft
Area Jib 2.88/31 Sqft
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