Mirage Tandem Island

Sailing has never seemed so simple. When the wind blows, the Tandem Island flies across the water, powered by an expansive, easily tended mainsail.

Hop aboard with a friend. With dual MirageDrives providing pedal power, maneuvering is a snap even when the zephyrs subside. The central hull is pure high-end Hobie with all the expected features: multiple Twist and Seal hatches; a large bow hatch for below-decks storage; lever-operated rudder and centerboard deployment; and dual rudder control. This is Hobie’s ultimate fish hunter, capable of marlin teasing trolling speeds.

Timeless design and Innovation

  • MirageDrive 180 + Wind Powered
  • Roller furling main sail
  • Kick-up Center boards
  • Pivoting Cross bars for easy transport
  • Ama Outriggers for stability
  • Simple to Launch and Beach
  • Full line of accessories is available


Crew: 1-2
Length: 18’6”
Beam (amas folded in):  48”
Beam (amas folded in)  10’
Capacity: 600 LBS
Hull Weight: 130 Lbs
Fully Rigged Weight: 240 LBS
Mast Length: 18’
Sail Area: 90 Sqft
Hull Construction: Roto Molded Polyethylene
Color Options Red Hibiscus/Ivory Dune


Mirage Tandem Island – $ 6,899.00  (In Stock) ‘Place Order”

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